Jun 24, 2011

Out and About!

I'm packing up my 2 favorites below and heading south for several days!  I'm excited to be able to spend some summer lazy days with these ladies.. where our wardrobe will mainly consist of swimsuits and coverups, and our days will be filled with water and sunshine.... and my friends will be shocked to know, I've only packed 5 different pair of shoes and they are 80% flip flops.

Cheers to summer my friends! (you can catch us twitter)

Jun 21, 2011

True Beauty. Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky

Meet the Z ladies... 
they are true beauties inside and out, you just know it the minute you meet them.

Jun 19, 2011

Oklahoma City Children's Photographer, The Photojunky

Some of my clients are actually starting to feel like family...  I think this is my 4th session with the McDaniels, and I love watching this beautiful family grow.  I went straight for the car seat when they arrived and pulled miss Ally out to showered her in kisses... it seemed perfectly normal... Later I thought, I hope they dont think I'm crazy, but at any rate, they are used to me by now :)!
Thanks Annette!!!

Look at these expressions... Love her!

Jun 16, 2011

Oklahoma City Photographer, The Photojunky ~ Model Material!

This young lady is such a natural with the camera.. I cannot get over these pictures!  I hope to be able to shoot her again and again :)
Here are some of my favs from her session!

Jun 15, 2011

Miss Priss Turns 4!!

I've been anxiously waiting to post these pics for A WHILE now... being a good friend, I waited for the go from Mommy to send out the invites and post them for her friends and family.   I love the ways these turned out!  Miss Priss had a Candy Land party for her 4th birthday bash.. and trust me Mommy did it up!! Check out the fabulous-ness over at Miss Priss, Lil Sis, & Me!!
Happy Birthday Miss Priss!

Jun 14, 2011

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky! Gordon family Sneak Peek!

This was one of my most humerus shoots!  I adore this family, and I "tried" to warn them of the abandoned location with rough terrain that we'd be marching through...  but it wasn't enough to prepare them for the cactus filled field who's current residents happen to be a pack of bees.  Did you know that bees are attracted to bright colors?  Dad was already less than pleased to be wearing a yellow shirt (which I happen to think he looked smashing in) ...  the bees were VERY excited about the yellow shirt, as a matter of fact, he was the most popular one in the group!
I can look back on it now and giggle... although I was extremely nervous in the moment about the bees! No one got stung!

Jun 13, 2011

Dr. Suess, 1 year Birthday Party, Evan I AM!!!

Hi, My name is Evan, I am incredibly handsome, I am 1 year old... and my mom is pretty much a ROCK STAR when is comes to throwing a  party!
Check out the amazing-ness that is below.  Not only did the cake blow me away, but every tiny detail!


Jun 12, 2011

Stop Running from the camera!

 This one.. will avoid the camera like homework.

Oklahoma City Children's Photographer, The Photojunky!

Jun 9, 2011

My baby...

Last night I looked into her beautiful eyes and said "it doesn't matter how old you are, you always be my baby" to which she replied "I know, even when I am a mommy like you, I'm going to be your baby"  I smile.. at least she isn't fighting it.
 At 6 years old, she is strong willed and vivacious. She is passionate. She gets excited about everything, she gets upset about a lot of things.  More than anything, she wants to be outside.  She jumped off a diving board for the first time this week.  She is reading way beyond her level and is one of the youngest kids in class.  She puts on daily dance routines in our living room, its a mix between ballet, jazz and contemporary, (and a lot of emotion).  She loves to have the camera in her hand.  She still has the best hugs on the planet and can make anyone smile. She can be shy (but I think its an act).  She has a deep love for cupcakes and art. She is infectious, I cannot get enough of her.

Happy Birthday Eva Kathleen, I love you bigger than the sky! (and if she was reading this, she would say, "and I love you around the world and back!")

Jun 5, 2011

Jun 3, 2011

For the love of dance. Oklahoma City Photographer

She is always dancing.
Mommy, watch me dance... Mommy take a picture of me dancing ... Mommy video this dance.
(but I dont want to go to dance class)