Oct 31, 2010

Photojunky Halloween, the Hobo and the Princess.

WE had such a fun Halloween this year.  My oldest, hates anything girly for Halloween and this year wanted to be a Hobo!  We tried to make her look like she hadn't bathed or washed her hair.. I think she still little cute!

Forever my girly girl, wanted to be anything in a pretty dress... this was the easiest Halloween by far, the dress was from a wedding she was in over the summer, and we already had the tiara.

 Our Elementary school had Character Book dress up on Friday... no shock here, Eva went as Fancy Nancy..
and so did her fancy cousin Ella!!!

Happy Halloween 2010

Oct 28, 2010

I have a Tail!!!

Just about the cutest thing on the planet.

Oct 25, 2010

Crazy? I'm already there!

I really really enjoyed New Orleans!  The music, my ears were in heaven being pulled in every direction from the over abundance of musicians.  The street performers, a plethora of talented people on every corner and in between, the food,  the drinks, (more specifically the NOLA Lemonade).  The art, the history, the architecture... love love love.  I hope to show a few pics soon.

But alas I am home, and reality has smacked me across the face. I am currently catching up on sessions and emails, but wanted to pause to show off my new mask.

Photo by the mini photojunky

Oct 21, 2010

Oklahoma City Family Photographer. The Photojunky

This family is so beautiful.. each of them!  Big sister was all about being in front of the camera.. and it LOVES her... little sis really wanted nothing to do with me or my Canon... after this day, I was wondering if 2 year old's would ever like me??  I may go dressed up as Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba next time!!!

Oct 20, 2010

The one where I said "I will" and he said "I do"

9 years ago today, in front of so many friends and family, he said "I do" and in my confusion I said "I will"... it was a question, and at the time "I do" did not seem grammatically correct.  Forever caught on video.

Please know, that I DO!


Hubby and I are headed to New Orleans today for an adult get-a-way!!  (YES, I know its Fall break for the kids... but these adults need a break) This will be my first time in NOLA, I am so excited to see the history, taste the cuisine, partake in some adult beverages, and just RELAX!!!!  We are leaving reality in Oklahoma City...
Facebook and Twitter friends... we'll be updating!
see ya soon!

Oct 19, 2010

Oklahoma City Children's Photographer, The Photojunky

I am seriously in love with these girls!  I cannot say enough to how sweet they both were, I seriously could have scooped them up and brought them home to part of the Photojunky clan... just what hubby needs, 2 MORE GIRLS!!!!  Elizabeth, any time you want to get rid of them... you know my number!!

I have opening the end of Nov, and am only taking a few appointments in December this year!
Email me, Shannon Foster shannon@thephotojunky.com

Tuesday Sneak Peek!!

I'm suffering image overload!!!  I could not leave town without scanning through this session.  This is my second time to get to shoot little miss Kenzie, she brought both her parents this time and they are just about as adorable as she is!!

Oct 18, 2010

Monday Sneak Peek!

At this point, my posts for the entire week are scheduled.... so I'm writing this more than 24 hours before you are reading it....   
I absolutely LOVE this shot!  And just wait until you see the faces on these petti skirt wearing angels!

Monday Morning Maternity!

Oct 17, 2010

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky

It's been a weekend full of family sessions for the Photojunky!  This is my 3rd time in the last few years to photograph this knock out group.  The last time I saw them, little brother was brand new!!  I love being able to watch them grow through my lens.

I leave for New Orleans in 3 days!!!  I have so much to show you before I go!

Sunday Sneak Peek!

Oct 14, 2010

Pure Joy!!

I don't want to rock the boat, or look a gift horse in the mouth, but I've been blessed with not only the most gorgeous clients, but also, the most well behaved.  These 2 little angels were so much fun to shoot.  By the end of the session we were all holding hands and jumping off rocks... I want to take them home.

Oct 13, 2010

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky!

 I would  say 80% of my clients are under the age of 5 years.  It was so refreshing to shoot this age group below.  These kids are both gorgeous and so sweet!  After about 30 minutes of shooting, I looked at the parents and said "wow, we're done!"  Easiest shoot ever!!!  I've gotten so used to chasing little ones around, running in circles, and practically standing on my head to get "that shot", this felt like a cake walk!

for more information contact me,
Shannon Foster shannon@thephotojunky.com
Oklahoma City

Oct 12, 2010

Newborn love!

There is no comparison to the sweetness of a sleeping baby!  
AND sleep she did!!