Jun 14, 2011

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky! Gordon family Sneak Peek!

This was one of my most humerus shoots!  I adore this family, and I "tried" to warn them of the abandoned location with rough terrain that we'd be marching through...  but it wasn't enough to prepare them for the cactus filled field who's current residents happen to be a pack of bees.  Did you know that bees are attracted to bright colors?  Dad was already less than pleased to be wearing a yellow shirt (which I happen to think he looked smashing in) ...  the bees were VERY excited about the yellow shirt, as a matter of fact, he was the most popular one in the group!
I can look back on it now and giggle... although I was extremely nervous in the moment about the bees! No one got stung!

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