Dec 2, 2012

Magical winter wonderland Photo Session

OK, so we havent had any snow in the great state of OKLAHOMA... but this client/cousin/friend had the idea to surround her family in snowflakes.. love her creative nature, its always an adventure, and welcome one at that.

IMG_3451 IMG_3796 IMG_3690 IMG_3666 IMG_3650 IMG_3551 IMG_3437

Nov 30, 2012

Returning clients, Oklahoma City Edmond Photographer, The Photojunky

This is my 3rd year to shoot this awesome family... lost count on how many times I have shot Miss Camryn dancer... Never mind that.. I have absolutely loved watching them grow!  We shot this session in their home.. where I have spent many hours, so walking in for a session, felt like any other day with the Lockharts!  They are truly starting to feel like family, its doesn't get better than that friends.

IMG_2326 IMG_2319 IMG_2271

Nov 29, 2012

Oklahoma CIty / Edmond Photographer, The Photojunky Fall

Missy is a friend from college, I feel blessed that we ended up in the same City and she asks me to photograph her growing, beautiful family!
In this first pic.. lil miss was showing me how to drop it like its hot... oh yes!

IMG_7574 IMG_7547 IMG_7498 IMG_7474

Nov 9, 2012

Oklahoma City / Edmond Senior Photographer, Deer Creek

Another Beautiful Deer Creek 2013 Senior!  I love getting to know these clients, and hearing about their plans, hopes, and dreams for the future!

IMG_6832 IMG_6744 IMG_6984 IMG_6709 IMG_6895 IMG_6675

Nov 7, 2012

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky

I'm losing count of all the Deer Creek families I've shot this year... this family was just stunning, and I loved loved loved their style!

IMG_4605 IMG_4857 IMG_4653 IMG_4873

Nov 5, 2012

Audrey Hepburn Mother / Daughter Look like Halloween Costume

I've known this beautiful mama and her precious little girl for a couple year now.. when she called and told me about this idea, I thought it was PERFECT for the 2 of them!

IMG_7001 IMG_7007 IMG_7048 IMG_7073 IMG_6992 IMG_7150

Nov 3, 2012

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, Cousins

These 2 families were so much fun to shoot, you could tell these cousins spend a lot of time together!. 

IMG_5199 noble IMG_5220 IMG_5070 IMG_5284 IMG_5309 IMG_5407 IMG_5522 IMG_5583 

Perfect Ending!

Oct 26, 2012

Halloween teen Zombie Dancers Costumes, Oklahoma City

I could shoot this kind of stuff ALL DAY LONG!  Its what I day dream about all the time, I come up with magical sessions in my head, and from time to time.. I get to make them come to life.  Take a look at the Tea Party from last year.
I was going for something a little darker this year.  I had seen a dance group do a zombie routine and fell in love, I asked my daughter and some of her dance friends what they thought.. and thankfully for me, NO OBJECTION!  they went all out.  These very beautiful and talented teenagers went all out ZOMBIE for me!

zombie IMG_5885
IMG_5713 IMG_5941 IMG_5744 IMG_5696 IMG_5911 IMG_5845

Oct 7, 2012

Deer Creek Middle School Competitive Cheer Team 2012-2013

Meet the beautiful ladies of the Deer Creek Middle School Competitive Cheer Team 2012-2013! IMG_1502 IMG_1534 osborne IMG_1950 SALI IMG_1780 IMG_1697 IMG_1685 IMG_1670 IMG_1618 dcch ASHBRYN