Jun 9, 2011

My baby...

Last night I looked into her beautiful eyes and said "it doesn't matter how old you are, you always be my baby" to which she replied "I know, even when I am a mommy like you, I'm going to be your baby"  I smile.. at least she isn't fighting it.
 At 6 years old, she is strong willed and vivacious. She is passionate. She gets excited about everything, she gets upset about a lot of things.  More than anything, she wants to be outside.  She jumped off a diving board for the first time this week.  She is reading way beyond her level and is one of the youngest kids in class.  She puts on daily dance routines in our living room, its a mix between ballet, jazz and contemporary, (and a lot of emotion).  She loves to have the camera in her hand.  She still has the best hugs on the planet and can make anyone smile. She can be shy (but I think its an act).  She has a deep love for cupcakes and art. She is infectious, I cannot get enough of her.

Happy Birthday Eva Kathleen, I love you bigger than the sky! (and if she was reading this, she would say, "and I love you around the world and back!")


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday to Eva! I hope we get to see you all this summer!

Mady said...

Eva you are so pretty and you look so grownup! I can't believe you are already six! Hope you have a great birthday!!