Jul 29, 2010

Plans Change - Oklahoma City Family Photographer The Photojunky

The last thing I want to do these days, is make concrete plans, inevitably, God has something different in mind.  Anyone who knows me well, know that I Shannon Foster, AM A PLANNER. I like plans, my world revolves around plans, calendars and schedules.   I am learning to change my ways... (AKA not totally melt when things don't go as planned - and I wonder where my girls get it?).
This session, the family had a completely different location in mind, due to downtown construction that none of us considered, it was not possible, thankfully I had shot down here enough that I knew the place we planned on parking, was actually a great location for the shots.  I cannot wait to dig in deeper... this is such a sweet and amazingly beautiful family!  You can see the love bouncing off those sweet kids in this shot!  And seriously moms shoes.... love!!!  Maybe I should start taking payment in shoes?  Size 6 please!


Krouts Sprouts said...

love this shot!!! and YES take payment in shoes!!!

Coco said...

Payment in shoes is not a bad idea at all.

tulpen said...

Great shot! Great shoes!