Jul 2, 2010

Favorite Foto(s) Friday


tulpen said...

Cute kid and hot mommy!!

I bet you could even make ME look pretty!

Susan said...

Precious kiss pic!

Anonymous said...

hi there!

we'll be leaving for breckenridge on the 21st. maybe we'll meet!

there's lots to do there. there's lots of shops and restaurants. mountain biking on the ski slopes, there's an ice rink, hiking, white water rafting, rides down the tobbogan tracks, gold mine tours, etc. you will not be bored. and colorado is just gorgeous, you'll love it. but watch out for the high elevation, it's hard to breathe. well i'm sure you're in good shape, so you'll be fine. oh, oh, i better start doing some exersice, hee hee!

take care and maybe i'll see you there.

KendraJane said...

What great pics.... KM looks gorgeous!!!!!