Apr 18, 2010

~ Off Site, custom, personal Prom Photographs, Oklahoma City The Photojunky ~

I've been talking  to the mom of one of these beautiful girls for a few weeks now... who so creatively sent these 4 kids on a scavenger hunt before prom!  I was stationed at one of the stops along the way, Sara Sara Cupcakes in Oklahoma City!  The girls looked gorgeous!  Even in the rain, they didnt let it dampin their spirits!  We originally planed the shoot at some railroad tracks, but in no way did I want these girls to mess hair and makeup they'd worked on all day.  Sara Sara was the perfect indoor location... and after a little begging to the store clerk and purchasing some cupcakes (yummy props).. they let me shoot!

I had a great time in the rain with them, I hope prom was a blast!
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