Apr 20, 2010

~ 5 Year Old Jaxson The Photojunky mini session ~

Oh my sweet Jaxson Drew!  I was there the day this child was born and I plan to be there the day he gets married... now WHO to, is the big question!  Jaxson is best buds with my youngest daughter (as I am with his mommy)... they are truly partners in crime!  The last couple times we have been together we've caught them saying "I love you", "I need a hug"... and this last time, Jaxson asked my 4, almost 5 year old on a date! That sat down at a table together and the sly guy grabbed a flower of the table vase and handed it to her!  All 4 of us as parents laughed so hard, but I think in the back of all our minds... we know what could be coming (15 years down the road according to daddy).  How could anyone not fall in love with those beautiful eyes and that gorgeous brown curly hair!  SOMEDAY he will sit still enough for a full fledge photo session!

jaxson drew

Sometimes, you just dont need a full blown photo session to capture those milestone photos. In this case. we got rained out, and decided to make the best of our location.  If you are interested in a mini session - 30 minutes and 1/2 the cost of my normal sitting fee, email me shannon@thephotojunky.com


Krouts Sprouts said...

oh i love this little boy as well!! though it's been 3 years since i've seen him in real life!! Kerri we need to fix that :)
Shan you take amazing pics! i love love how you captured the second picture with him barely smiling, almost like he's trying to hide the smile! so adorable!!

greygillfish said...

Oh he is PRECIOUS! I haven't seen him with long, curly hair and I love it! I am glad to hear that one day he will be my nephew. LOL!