Nov 1, 2011


November 1, 2011
Today I am thankful for this amazing man, and his ability to always plan the perfect get-a-way.. I'll never doubt him again!
beavers bend 2011 030

I'll admit - when hubby first said, let's go for a few days to Beavers Bend, Oklahoma and stay in a cabin.. my thoughts were not very kind "what? me? in the middle of NO WHERE??? No shopping, no big city, no pool bar, no beach, no vineyards or fancy shows!  Just mountains and foliage?"  I kept my thoughts to myself because I honestly felt like it was time to do something for him and leave my selfishness behind.

beavers bend 2011 032small
It was amazing.  This part of Oklahoma is beyond beautiful.  Our cabin was gorgeous! This quiet get-away was exactly what we both needed... we're already planning our next trip!

beavers bend 2011 037 So thankful and blessed!

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