Dec 27, 2010

Keeping it in the Family!

I've been lucky enough in the last several months to be able to photograph all 3 of my brother's families. My MUCH Older Brother Douglas (snicker snicker) and his family live in Edmond and not too far from us.  His wife Becky, AKA Greygillfish Photography asked me to shoot their family pics this fall, I was thrilled and hesitant!  #1 Beautiful Becky hates to be photographed  - and I mean hates! and #2 we can be our worst critics when on the other side of the lens.  
I loved the way they turned out, and I love this family to pieces!

This first one is my Fav!
Opp 057

Opp 069

Opp 073

Opp 151

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, The Photojunky!


Susan said...


Stacey said...

Great pictures Shannon! I am sure Becky loves them!!!

Krouts Sprouts said...

Oh I am so glad becky let you take there pics and post them because THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!! So good! My fav one is the cutesy doug and becky one! Love it! Think I need to remember this idea!

Anonymous said...

beautiful family!
wishing you a happy new year!

Norma said...

Perfectly poised!