Nov 10, 2010

Sometimes.. plan B is the best plan!

OK, so there was no official plan B, but here's the story.  We had planned to shoot at UN-NAMED historic location in OKC.  We thought they closed at 1 time, when indeed, they actually closed at the time we showed up for our session, and the oh so NOT helpful and unpleasant woman that was working in the UN-NAMED historic location (who had the office doors locked 10 minutes before close and does not return phone calls - ahem), was not about to leave the gate open for 10 minutes... but I understand, when its time to go, its time to go.  I digress.
We were close to bricktown/midtown area, and racing the sun set.  We jumped in our cars, and they agreed (unbeknownst to them at this point what a horrible driver I am) to follow me.  So in my head I am driving to a specific location and my eye catches a building a NEED to shoot at, so with my blinker on right turn, I go straight through the light and park in a private parking lot (which I have never been in before), jump out and swear to the Dad that I am not crazy... we shoot for 10 minutes, hop back in our cars, I run over a cement curb (do not tell my husband), drive down alleys the wrong way... end up having at least 5 different AMAZING backgrounds, and have what I will call, 1 of my favorite sessions EVER!


Susan said...

Oh my gosh, what an adventure, but so worth it. The photos are fantastic!!!

DEBS said...

If you do not know Shannon and her work you must schedule a shoot with her! This isn't our first session with her, but the most funny session ever! God has given Shannon an amazing talent and we are blessed by her awesome work! Thanks Shannon for putting up with us Wednesday! We love you!

Brooke said...

I absolutely love these! You always do amazing work!