Aug 24, 2010

Oklahoma City Children's Photographer The Photojunky

I love each of these children more than words can explain.  This was such a last minute shot and there should actually be a few more grandchildren in this picture... but with school starting, this was the best we could do, before schedules got wildly out of control... hopefully this fall I can get all of them together.
Some of you close to me know my grandmother had a stroke several weeks ago.  Right now, she has a very bad infection, she was moved from her PT facility back to the hospital... and the great grandchildren are not aloud to see her... for who knows how long.  This has been life changing for all of us, its hard to even communicate the effect it has had on my sweet grandmother and our entire family.  Gramma hates more than anything not seeing these children, I hope and pray these images will bring her joy.

The time we have with our loved ones is so precious, don't ever take it for granted.

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Susan said...

Our prayers continue to be with your family through all of this.
The children are beautiful - as always!! She will smile.